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No Cow
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No Cow

The "No Cheat" Treat
Crunchy and craveable. Sticky and sweet. Marshmallow crunchy treats with a decadent drizzle that takes you back to that homemade childhood favorite you know and love! Satisfy your sweet tooth and curb your craving with something amazing.
No Cow. No Bull. No Whey!
Protein bars without the bull. Only 1g of sugar, 20g of protein, and amazing taste in a plant based bar.
No Cow Plant Based Protein Bars
Experience 17 flavors of dairy-free protein bars with 20g of protein and only 1g of sugar, without compromising on taste.
Keto Protein Bars
No Cow. No Bull. No Whey! These plant based protein bars have only 1g of sugar and more than 20g of protein.
No Cow Vegan Protein Bars
Plant-based, high protein, and only 1g of sugar. Experience the great taste of nutritious No Cow bars
chocolate peanut butter cup protein bars
It's the start of a new era. Introducing No Cow's first-ever chocolate-dipped protein bar: CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUP.
The "No Cheat" Treat
The almighty plant-based treat is here: zero-sugar protein peanut butter cups. PB perfection wrapped in rich, decadent chocolate. A classic combo that never disappoints, without the sugar or artificial sweeteners!
Plant-Based Protein Bars
There's no whey it's plant-based. Protein bars with over 20g of protein and only 1g of sugar, with great taste!
Dairy Free Protein Bars
No Cow. No Bull. No Whey! Plant based protein bars with over 20g of protein and only 1g of sugar, with great taste!
Vegan High Protein Peanut Butter Cups and Marshmallow Crunchies
They're finally here. Our new MIGHTY TREATS are officially dropping. We're talking smooth and creamy Peanut Butter Cups partnered perfectly with sticky and sweet Marshmallow Crunchies. Perfect for an on-the-go snack or a healthy swap, our new Mighty Treats gives you the macros you need in the nostalgic formats you crave. This is our biggest launch yet, so get your "No Cheat" treats before they sell out!
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