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Revolutionizing Cash Back and Deals

In a world bustling with deals and coupons, three visionary minds set out to transform how people save money while shopping. Their brainchild, the DueBack App, emerged from a simple yet life-changing everyday experience. This story begins with one of the co-founders, an ordinary person, going about his daily life. One afternoon, this co-founder found himself at a fast-food drive-through with a tossed-aside newspaper on his passenger seat. In a small act of resourcefulness, the drive-through cashier noticed the newspaper and kindly asked if she could have the coupons inside. The co-founder agreed and went on with his day. During another chance encounter at the grocery store, a friendly shopper noticed some of the items this co-founder was purchasing and offered him several coupons. To the co-founder’s surprise, the coupons saved him thirty dollars on his grocery bill.

This co-founder had an epiphany during that serendipitous moment at the grocery store cash register; finding, organizing, and remembering to use coupons was cumbersome and inefficient. There had to be a better way to save money without the hassle of deal hunting and coupon clipping. Driven by this revelation, he reached out to the co-founders of DueBack to share his vision. The co-founders brainstormed and conducted extensive research to develop a solution to revolutionize how people shop and access deals. The breakthrough came when they envisioned an app allowing shoppers to apply discounts and receive cash back retroactively. Instead of worrying about finding deals before making purchases, app users could make their purchases and then use the DueBack App to discover and apply discounts afterward.

The founders were determined to create a user-friendly app to consolidate all cashback options and discounts conveniently. Before the invention of smartphones, people had to carry flashlights, digital cameras, camcorders, Mp3 players, newspapers, maps, etc. Similarly, the DueBack App removes clutter from people’s lives by eliminating the need for multiple apps, paper coupons, discount code plug-ins, and more. Beyond the convenience of the DueBack App, the founders aspired to empower people to make informed shopping decisions without the fear of missing out on savings and discounts. The DueBack App would serve as a valuable companion, notifying users of all available deals that could apply to past purchases.

With a shared passion, the founders embarked on bringing the DueBack App to life. A skilled and diverse team contributed their expertise to create a cutting-edge, user-centric application. Following months of hard work, the DueBack App will launch soon.

…Stay tuned!

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