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Exploring Manhattan By Bike: A Guide to Unlimited Biking’s New York City Rental Package

With its greenery and urban environments, New York City provides the perfect environment for cycling, a popular and pleasant outdoor exercise. Though many still think of the city as a nonideal environment for cycling, we’ve seen many residents and visitors embrace it more since the pandemic. That, of course, makes New York perfectly bike-friendly.

Contrary to popular belief, cycling in New York City has become increasingly popular and enjoyable. The city’s abundance of green spaces and urban landscapes provide an ideal setting for this outdoor activity. As the pandemic has altered the way people commute and exercise, more residents and tourists have embraced cycling as a preferred mode of transportation in the Big Apple. Consequently, New York City has successfully transformed into a bike-friendly metropolis.

The city now provides an extensive system of bicycle paths and a strong bike-sharing program. As a result, you have the opportunity to experience the architectural and cultural wonders of each area, particularly in cities abundant with such attractions, like Manhattan.

Biking through Manhattan (from the Hudson River to the Upper West Side to Battery Park) offers a unique and exciting way to experience the city in all its glory. We are talking bakeries, cafes, bridges, and more. So, in this article, we will provide a guide to exploring the city of Manhattan on your bicycle.

Exploring Manhattan by Bike

In Manhattan, biking is more than just a way to get around – it’s an opportunity to enjoy the city’s energetic vibe. Famous sites like Wall Street, Chelsea Piers, and Times Square will pass by as you ride down the Hudson River. We believe each one provides an insight into the vibrant history and culture of the city.

Bike Rental Options

New York City Bike Rentals

A wide selection of top-notch Cannondale bikes from Unlimited Biking are available to meet every rider’s demands. They provide a variety of bikes to suit your needs, including tandem bikes for adventures with two people, hybrid bikes for adaptability, and pleasant rides. Unlimited Biking also provide a selection of kid-friendly bikes and trailers so the entire family can enjoy the fun.

Convenience and Support

Picking up your bike is easy and quick, thanks to the city’s numerous locations. Everything you need for a full day of exploration is included in our rental package, including a map, helmet, bike lock, and basket – all of which are given for free.

Customer Support and Recommendations

The Unlimited Biking staff members love riding! Therefore, they are ready to recommend certain routes, must-see sights, and unique dining establishments. With their knowledge, you can get the most out of your bike trip in Manhattan.

Tips for Bike Riding in Manhattan, New York

  • Ensure your seat is elevated to the appropriate height and your bike fits you properly. It will facilitate pedaling.
  • Don’t go alone. Find a friend to ride with until you get comfortable in the street.
  • Slow and steady: it’s not a race. Ride slowly enough to be aware of your surroundings and enjoy the city.
  • Stay off the sidewalk unless you’re a child or want to risk getting a ticket.
  • Assume that drivers are only sometimes aware of you. When you can, look them in the eye.


Riding a bike across Manhattan is an amazing experience that opens your eyes to another side of the city. You can explore the architectural splendor of one of the most iconic cities in the world while pedaling at your own pace with Unlimited Biking’s New York City rental package. Make your bike rental reservation now and set out on a memorable journey.

Ready to take in the breathtaking architecture of Manhattan? Reserve your bike rental with Unlimited Biking right now. This will ensure you get everything on your incredible journey through the heart of New York City.

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